Monday, July 6, 2009

3D Laser Scanning Topography at WCSU, Danbury, CT.

For this project we were able to do 15 acres of topography in three days. The scope of work was topography for about 8 acres but we ended up capturing almost double the amount of information needed. We conducted 18 scans of the site and collected over 75 million points in a huge point cloud. We can now model the site for the existing conditions. The inside work took a little longer then conventional methods, but we were able to develop a better final deliverable with in two weeks from the start date. We created a 3D surface and exported out to a land xml file. This video is a little fast and not that great but the better video was too big to post and can be seen at our website at under featured project. Contact us if you are ineterested in the services for your project. The engineer we worked for was very happy with us. Hopefully more work to come.